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The Platform will have a decentralized structure, with national platforms for all those within a country that are part of this process, and regional coordinators to coordinate and help direct and channel regional activity. Regional hubs will coordinate with the global platform and its steering committee, responsible for organizing the overall strategy and serving the needs of regions and national platforms.

National platforms and the regional coordination will engage in four broad areas of action. First, they will raise national awareness of an FCGH, its underlying principles, and its need. Second, they will engage other potential partners, from civil society including an array of social justice movements to government officials, to build the coalition of national supporters of and participants in the FCGH. Third, they would build political support for a strong FCGH, including with respect to coordinated regional and global action, including at the United Nations and through the World Health Organizations. An initial action that we seek is for next year’s Sustainable Development Goals UN declaration to committee to launching the process towards an FCGH. And fourth, they would participate in developing the content of an FCGH, ensuring that it is relevant to their concerns and priorities so that it can meaningfully contribute to the right to health in their country. You can find further information on the national platforms and regional coordination here.

We encourage all interested in being engaged to engage their national platform. If you and your organization are interested in a greater level of engagement, please consider becoming one of your region’s coordinators. Please contact the initial regional organizer(s), as listed here. They will also have information on whether a national platform yet exists in your country.

We will endeavor to make FCGH discussions and documents available in different languages, so that linguistic diversity adds to the richness of rather than limits work towards and the content of the FCGH.