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The FCGH Platform statement (full version / summary version / summary version in Spanish) provides the basic elements and principles of the FCGH. But the content of the FCGH, how it will turn this principles into precise obligations, must be defined. We envision an inclusive, bottom-up process of content development, where people from all over the world help define the content of the FCGH, above all those who are part of and work with the marginalized communities whose right to health is presently farthest from being realized. This will happen through online and in-person consultations, and contributions through national FCGH platforms.

As a first stage of this process, we would welcome your feedback on FCGH content and on several top-line questions. We can then post your feedback on this website. You can find more information here.

In addition, you might be interested in reviewing many of the types of questions that could inform the FCGH, available from the FCGH Platform’s predecessor and partner, JALI. You can also see several responses to these questions through JALI’s website.