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We welcome you to the new website developed to facilitate engagement, advocacy, and support from people across the world for adopting and implementing a Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH), aimed at helping eradicate persistent health inequities and establishing the right to health for all.

We will try to continuously engage readers by posting up-to-date information and resources that contribute towards the development of the FCGH. Most importantly, we will regularly seek your participation. We will host a blog on the site, and earnestly request your contributions of posts, which will need to be relevant to the FCGH platform to enable us to publish them. In time, we will be developing FCGH platform newsletters, again looking to people around the world engaged in FCGH processes to share their experiences and insights. And we intend to develop other ways in which you can participate in the process of developing the content of the FCGH, such as through research and online consultations, so that the treaty, consistent with its key principles and central content, incorporates the insights, experiences, and priorities of people around the world who are dedicated to the right to health for all.

The contents of the site are still at the preparatory stage and we are therefore soliciting your suggestions and contributions for its continued development. We assure you that we will make it an interactive and participatory site. As in the process of developing the FCGH itself, we want your perspectives and contributions to be reflected in all that we do.

Please send your comments and suggestions for improvement of the site and write-ups for blog posts to: info@globalhealthtreaty.org

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